Board layer KAHRS JATOBA 1-LAM 7x118x1225mm SALE

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High-quality sandwich board


with a delicate v-groove

lacquered ideal for floor heating JATOBA

renowned Swedish manufacturer:


Series Linnea City

price: 169 zł. / M2

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Jatoba wood, often called diamond cherry (diamont cherry), comes from Central and South America. It owes its name to an exceptional hardness, durability and resistance. Due to its favorable mechanical properties and decorative drawing grain is ideal for the production of floors. Wood is easily meets the requirements placed him in a residential area and in difficult conditions of use in industrial facilities and outside. Kährs is renowned brand layered parquet produced in Sweden continued in 1941. Kährs is the creator of the structure multi-layer parquet and co-author of a mechanical system, glue-free joining boards WOODLOC®. With this construction the floor Kährs are 75% more stable than a solid wood floor, more resistant to distortion, deformation and formation of cracks. They are perfect for underfloor heating both water and electric Each family, which depend on a healthy environment can breathe deeply with the house floor Kährs. This is because it has few chemicals, and is characterized in trace emissions.

Because wood is a natural material, it is susceptible to deformation caused by changes in temperature and humidity. To minimize movement, obtain the right balance between the different layers of board - top, core and backing - and the right dimensions. We put a lot of work to find that balance. This gave a maximum stable product resistant to deformation dimensions: thickness 7 mm, length 1225 mm, width 118 mm, (Available 23.5 m2)

The factory-applied acrylic lacquer UV-cured, it is resistant to staining agents used in the household, even to 24 hours. In addition, this color will not yellow when exposed to light, as is the case in conventional paint. Kährs is the only floor on the market that can be installed in the system for glueless area of ​​25 x 50 m without dylatowania across the floor and without the use of expansion joints in the door and narrowings the possibility of scraping:


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Board layer KAHRS JATOBA 1-LAM 7x118x1225mm SALE

Board layer KAHRS JATOBA 1-LAM 7x118x1225mm SALE

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